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Pigmentation Treatment

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Pigmentation Treatment

What is hyper pigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a common, usually harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color, forms deposits in the skin.t.

What are the different types of pigmentation?

Pigmentation can be of several types depending upon the causative factors. The most common types of pigmentation seen in India are:

  • Melasma or Hormonal Pigmentation – usually appears during pregnancy, menopause or with OCPs.
  • Post Inflammatory Pigmentation – dark patches left after healing of inflammation.
  • Acanthosis Nigricans – pre-diabetic, velvety dark areas on the neck and underarms.
  • Macular Amyloidosis – itchy, dark patches on the upper back, arms or legs.
  • Several other medical conditions too cause Pigmentation on the face, neck or body.

How to treat pigmentation?

The most important factor to treat Pigmentation is lifestyle modification. Pigmentation can be treated by Topical Treatments, Oral Treatments and Aesthetic Procedures of cosmetology such as:

Cosmetic Dermatology procedures for pigmentation treatment.

  • Chemical Peels
  • Mesotherapy
  • Glutathione
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • LED photo facial
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL)
  • Hyaluronic acid injections

Choose the best dermatologist for skin pigmentation treatment in Mumbai (Cosmetologist).

Pigmentation treatment should be done as soon as you notice dark spots or patches. Patients are treated at the holistic level considering their lifestyle and work conditions at our clinic based on Symptomatic complaints.

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