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Acne Treatment in Mumbai

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Acne Overview ( face scar treatment)
Acne Treatment : Acne (also known as pimple, pimples OR zits ) is usually described as an inflammatory skin disease. So, Many “on-the-surface” factors such as the overproduction of Sebum (Oil) and Keratin by the sebaceous glands influence the inflammatory response. And so, This overproduction of oil clogs the hair follicles and leads to bacterial growth. The bacteria multiplies and causes inflammation, and the result can appear as a blackhead (an open comedo) or a whitehead (if it’s below the surface).
The Immediate Causes of Acne – for acne scars treatment
Basically, the process of acne formation can be divided into 4 major external causes:

Blockage of the pore, the cause of problem in acne marks removal. This occurs when the epithelial cells lining the pore mature and die. The epithelial cells turn from keratinocytes to corneocytes and become flatter and tougher. And, These scaly, rough corneocytes block the pore.

Too much skin oil (sebum) This is caused when there is a large presence of male hormones that circulate in the blood stream. These hormones trigger the oil glands to produce excessive amounts of sebum, causing pimples on face.

Bacterial colonization Clogged pores, extra amounts of sebum and certain blood toxins create the perfect environment for acne bacteria to multiply and thrive inside the microcomedo thus developing the need for facial treatment for acne.

Infection and inflammation of the comedon and surrounding tissue.

Types of Acne

When we define types of acne, we usually refer to whether it is inflammatory or not and the size and shape of the lesion.

There are the microscopic small comedonal acne that can be in the form of whiteheads (closed comedo) or blackheads (open comedo).

A more serious formation of acne is nodules and pustules. Nodules are large and firm and exist below the skin, whereas pustules are yellowish bumps that are pus-filled.

There are acne forms which are non-inflammatory, carry no pus but only appear as red spots. These are commonly referred to as pimples.


Of all acne cases, cysts are the worst. Cysts are sac-like formations filled with pus that is spread under the skin tissue in a diameter of 5 mm or more across. The pus runs deep below the skin’s surface, which often results in serious pain. Not all cysts are caused by inner factors. Some may be the result of squeezing small pus-filled acne, causing the pus to run even deeper into the skin and aggravating the infection. These make the needs arise for acne mark removal treatment.

Acne vulgaris is the most common form of acne, containing both whiteheads and blackheads. Acne and Pimple Treatment in Mumbai.  While Acne rosacea is characterized by a flushed appearance of the face due to the enlargement of blood vessels which is caused by inflammatory bumps. The most common places acne rosacea appears are on the chin and forehead. Perioral dermatitis is the form of acne which young women suffer from. The common places where these tiny papules appear are around the mouth and on the chin. This information is important if you want acne marks removal. Acne conglobata is another severe form of acne that affects the chest, back and the face. This is an intensive form of acne vulgaris where multiple cysts
and nodules are spread in large areas. Acne conglobata is more common among men.

Treatment of Acne: 

Topical acne treatment at home:

Topical Retinoids – 

Theses are Vitamin A derivatives. When spread on the skin, retinoids can unclog pores, allowing other medicated creams and gels to work better.

Topical Antibiotics – 
  • Sometimes we treat acne by Topical Antibiotic. You’re probably familiar with antibiotics; odds are that you’ve used them at some point in your life. They’re used to treat bacterial infections.
  • Since acne is, in part, caused by bacteria, topical antibiotics (meaning, you apply them to the skin) are one way to get acne under control. Oral antibiotics are used to treat acne, too.
  • There are many different types of antibiotics. The ones used most often to treat acne topically are clindamycin and erythromycin. Topical tetracycline is sometimes used too, but less often because it has the tendency to turn the skin yellow.
  • Topical antibiotics are used to treat mild to moderately severe inflammatory acne. They come in a variety of forms, including lotions, gels, pads (pledgets) and toner-like solutions.
  • Acne treatment with Cosmetic Dermatology by best Cosmetic dermatologist in Mumbai:

The skin types of men and women are different. The Sexual hormones in the two genders also influence the development of acne. Thus, Acne treatment for Women differs from Acne Treatment for Men. Women will be suitably counseled to optimize the hormonal levels for treatment of acne. Similarly, Teenage Acne can be attributed to Puberty and suitable treatment and counseling is provided. Treatments are done considering the skin type i.e. Sensitive skin, Oily skin, Dry skin etc. The Aesthetic Cosmetology does the Acne treatment that works.

Acne Treatment for Women/Teenagers/Adults

1.Comodone Extraction

2.Chemical Peels/Acne Peels

3.Non-Surgical Instant Pimple reduction

4.Acne peel

5.Non ablative laser treatment


7.Oxyfacial and deep tissue cleansing

8.Back acne treatment


Acne treatment for men:

1.LED therapy

2.Medium Depth peels/Acne peels

3.Instant Acne reduction



Acne Treatment

Skin Treatment

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